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Academic Research Activities

2020: Choir Assistant - University at Buffalo

 Researched choral literature that is culturally suitable for local choirs to perform

2016: Senior Research Assistant - Music Department, Hong Kong Baptist University

 Assisted Prof. Christopher Keyes in his research of surround sound panning; collected and analyzed data

Academic Papers

“Forget He or She”: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in Hong Kong’s Cantopop, 2019

After the Handover: Perceiving Local Identity in Hong Kong Popular Music, 2018

Practice-as-Research Projects (selected)

Please refer to my CV for a comprehensive list of practice-as-research projects

2019: “Screening Performance, Performing Screens” New Projections in Theatre and Media Conference (New York City, USA)

 Researched the possibilities of using screens as a media to breakthrough traditional performance practice in dance and   music

2018: "Overtone Singing" Interdisciplinary Collaborative Project (HKAPA, Hong Kong)

 Overtone singing is a traditional singing technique with a very strong artistic character. Yet, in today's ever-changing   cultural environment, its artistic potential remains largely unexplored. The project aimed to research visionary ways to map   the traditional singing technique with western contemporary music aesthetics, hoping to give the audience a striking   experience while appreciating the art form.

2013: Hong Kong Speech Choir Project (Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Hong Kong)

 Invited by Prof. Richard Tsang. Composed a choral piece to explore the artistic potential of only using the natural tones in   Cantonese as "melody". No musical pitch is notated. 

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